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Author Ravish Patwardhan on Aspects of Arts

Ravish Patwardhan examines arts from a perspective of a newcomer to the world of the arts.  While the term “arts” itself is broad, encompassing the various art forms such as opera/other singing, ballet, or symphony/orchestras, to name a few, numerous other areas can also be co-mingled within this term.  While certain of these topics, e.g. film, may be considered separately in their own dedicated section(s), Patwardhan takes a viewpoint of first identifying a topic and then elaborating the historical significance, present-day existence, and future relevance/implications of the specified form of art.

Ravish Patwardhan, in respecting the interpretation of “art being in the eye of the beholder,” admittedly chooses select topics upon which to elaborate.  The world of art extends into various media – beyond oils and watercolors, beyond impressionist vs. other styles, and even beyond the individual artists, their fields, or display locations, art has an infrastructure – that contains organizational, financial, and other business elements.  Some such elements in the periphery are also considered.

Art is incorporated into the world of fashion, and recent advances in technology have allowed virtual displays of art as well as auctions to occur in a not-so-standard fashion.  Some would consider appearances of art, as Patwardhan notes, in iPhone design or architectural skyscraper/older building design.

In some cases, as Patwardhan notes, art is a compendium of media into a single theme – such is the case of “The Artist is Here” by artist Marina Abramovic, various media including photography, live models performing historical and current enactments, and repeating films displaying irrational-seeming behaviors such as running into walls repeatedly, are all surrounding the main attraction of Marina Abramovic sitting silently staring, one-at-a-time, the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, www.moma.org) visitor who seems to occupy that seat directly in front of her for a 30-minute interval, while other visitors are in at least a 15-foot radius around the group.  Such MOMA work is adjacent to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s powerful exhibits (www.themet.com), with The Theatre District not too far off with its Broadway plays.

Further, in the backdrop of New York City, Ravish Patwardhan presents on occasion some of the ongoing displays at local museums, while at other times impromptu street artists may offer an equally intriguing but different perspective.

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